Other Products and Accessories

Pool Toys
Pool toys put the "fun" in pool.  We carry classic toys, such as dive sticks and floats, as well as untraditional toys like waterproof playing cards and giant beach balls.  Pool toys made for extreme fun and some made for just lounging around.  Let us help make your pool experience fun and relaxing with our high quality pool toys.

Hot Tub and Bath Fragrances
What better way to relax than in your hot tub.  Add some Fragrance Crystals or Liquids to your spa or bath for a pleasant aroma.  Feel the sand beneath you feet with the smells of a tropical beach getaway or relax your cold symptoms with eucalyptus. With many different choices there is a perfect fragrance for everyone. 

Custom Spa Covers
High quality, affordable, custom made spa covers available by special order.  With 14 colors, 3 different styles and many different ways to customize you can choose the cover options that best suit you.  Orders usually ship within 2 weeks.

Grilling Accessories
Not just Big Green Egg!  Most grilling accessories can be used in any grill.  We have a large variety of unique grilling and smoking options for all grillers.  With a huge selection of wood chips and chunks, there is a special smoke flavor for all foods.  From rib racks and to 3 tier grill racks to deep dish pizza stones and pizza peels, we have something for everyone who enjoys FOOD!

Backyard Accessories
From picnic supplies to handheld bug zappers to marshmallow roasting sticks there is always more room for fun!